Monday, February 9, 2015


A lot of people use the ground hog and robins as signs spring is approaching.  I use the size of the crowd I see at the gym, but this year was different.

I joined a gym in November of 2012, so this was my third New Year in my baggy shorts and tee shirts.

In '13 and '14, I noticed larger than normal crowds right after the first of the year.  I assume those were the New Year's resolution people.  They do their thing for a month, maybe two, and gradually drift away.  I know spring is coming when the New Year's resolution people stop showing up.

This year, there was no post New Year burst of activity.  It was just me and the early morning regulars.  Is America's gym craze over?  Did a lot of people get home exercise units for Christmas?

Looking out the window, and peering at the thermometer, it's tough to say spring is on the way, but it really is.  Look for my usual skunk activity/sign of spring blog in the next few weeks.

Speaking of animals, can we leave the ground hogs alone?  We're pestering these animals, all over the country, for cheap photo ops.  The ground hogs look miserable.  The last thing they want is to be dragged out of hibernation for some weak entertainment.  The mayor of New York accidentally killed one last year.  A ground hog in Wisconsin bit a guy's ear.  Give the ground hogs a break.