Monday, February 16, 2015

The Lonely Backyard

It was a case of "practice what you preach."

We're always telling people to limit exposure and stay out of the cold.  It would have looked strange doing that in a snow covered, wind whipped backyard, so management made the decision to do the weather indoors Sunday morning.

The choice was easy.  It was dangerous to be outside in wind chills of 20 below zero.
We're already set up to go live inside in case of emergencies, like tornado warnings.  We even set up an extra camera yesterday so Noreen could make use of our big screen monitor.

My only adjustment was keeping myself from tossing to "Noreen in the backyard."  It slipped a few times.

I can remember doing the weather inside in severe thunderstorms, but in my 16 and a half years on the weekend morning "dawn patrol." I think this is the first time wind chills kept us inside.

I hope it's another 16 and a half years before awful weather forces us to do it again.