Friday, February 13, 2015

Unfinished Friday

I hate to hear people complain about Valentine's Day.  Be thankful there's someone special in your life.  A box of candy, a card or flowers is a small price to pay.

CBS News correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a Wednesday night New York City car crash.  An elegant man in a horrible business.   I've watched his work for years, and in viewing the retrospectives yesterday, it was clear that Simon never made himself bigger than the story.  A lot of people should learn from that, including those who find themselves with six months of free time.

After reading and watching the Hugo Selenski trial reports for the past two weeks, it's clear the jury came to an appropriate decision.  It was a fascinating trial.  The penalty phase should also be interesting.

Philadelphia gets the 2016 Democratic Convention-- a good choice.  Philadelphia is one of America's great cities, even though corruption always threatens to bring it down.

Tiger Woods is stepping back from the PGA tour.  He fell so far, so fast.

Jon Stewart is leaving Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" later this year.  I was an occasional viewer, at best...  and only for a few minutes at a time.  I couldn't take the constant yelling.  For me, Stewart didn't wear well.