Friday, March 27, 2015

Customer Disservice

My home laptop kept sending me messages that my battery was nearing the end of its useful life.  Even though I rarely run off the battery, I ordered a new one, to the tune of $ 150.

They sent me the wrong one.  I won't mention the company, but let's just say it's a four letter word.

I called customer service, and was connected to a foreign land.  The guy kept telling me I wasn't installing it right, and he kept trying to transfer me to tech support.  Hey, I've had computers for decades.  I even owned a Commodore 64.  I know when I have the wrong battery.

This happened not once, but twice.  The "customer service rep" couldn't get it through his head that I received the wrong battery.  There was no way I was being transferred to tech support to prolong the agonizing process of dealing with poor service.

Out of frustration, I finally said I didn't want an exchange, I just wanted my money back.  He sent me a link for a UPS return label, and that thing was out of my house in 15 minutes.

I'm in the market for a desktop.  You probably know what brand I won't be buying.