Wednesday, March 25, 2015


We're only three months in to 2015 and it's already been a bad health year.

I've finally been able to shake the cold that's been bugging me for three weeks.  Now, something new:  the flu.

I started feeling a little off, slightly fuzzy, while getting dressed for work early Tuesday morning.  I just attributed that to feeling a bit more tired than usual.

Left over and microwaved Chinese food was on my list of suspects.  I later learned some friends and family members have been battling the bug as well.

The fatigue continued during our morning broadcast.  Our vans all have carbon monoxide detectors.  It never sounded, but it's always a concern.

Joint and muscle aches started checking in.  Again, I attributed those to being more tired than usual.
Then, the nausea appeared.  Let me till you something.  Stomach and/or intestinal issues are a street reporter's worst nightmare.  The reasons are obvious.  Our vans have all the new and latest technology, but we haven't found the space to tuck in a rest room.

Fate smiled on me.  We gathered all the information needed for a noon report rather quickly.  We set up shop in the Wilkes-Barre City Hall and Police Headquarters parking pot.  Porcelain conveniences were always close at hand, and I took advantage.

I strongly considered asking management to hand off the story to someone else, so I could get home early.  It was already approaching deadline, so I just kept going.

While I was extremely thirsty and bordering on dehydration, I stayed away from drinking anything, for fear of splashing it up all over the city's parking lot.   As I write this, early Wednesday morning, I had lunch Monday at 12:30 PM, some toaster pastries Tuesday morning at 2:30...  and, that's it.  Still nauseated.  Not hungry at all.

I forgot to mention the chills.  A cranked up thermostat and an extra blanket weren't much help.

I got my flu shot months ago, but as we've reported, it's not particularly effective.  Still, I never regret getting flu shots, and this is my first experience with being sick in years.

Photographer Steve and I got into a "Blazing Saddles" discussion on the way back to the office, and it helped pass the time, and get my mind off my pain.

I know several people who have a lot more to worry about than I.  This too shall pass.