Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Scrapple

I know the vast, vast majority of police officers are decent and honest people.  It's still exceptionally distressing when you encounter a bad one, like in South Carolina.  An entire generation is learning disrespect for police officers, and the officers themselves play a role in that.

I was wrong about the new 102.3 FM format.  I predicted something skewing very young.  Instead, it's classic rock hits of the 80's and beyond.  I've been listening.  Meh.  I'm not the target demographic, and I'm really not a fan of the music of that era.  I wonder how Max102 stands out in a very crowded marketplace.

Any time I see sparse crowds at the ballpark in Moosic, I can't help but think of the days when the stadium was sold out on a regular basis-- and it was a bigger park back then.  I know, the weather last week was lousy, and things usually don't pick up until summer weather arrives and the kids are out of school.

John Dickerson has been named moderator of Face the Nation on CBS.  Bob Schieffer retires this summer.  Dickerson has the credentials, but does he have the star power?

I'm detecting an uptick in skunk activity.  Regulars know, I view an active skunk population as the true sign of springtime.

A Scranton fire station is closed due to mold.  My question is, it's clearly not an overnight condition.  Why was it allowed to deteriorate?

I'm a big Troy Polamalu fan, and I'm very sorry to see him retire.

I have no desire to watch anything on Netflix or any of its cousins.

Hey, PENNDOT, the big overhead lights at the Davis Street interchange of Interstate 81 have been out for a month.

It's one thing after another for Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  You wonder how she's able to effectively administer the duties of the office and have the public retain faith in the organization.

I was sorry to learn Ken Prewitt passed away Saturday.  He was a business news reporter for CBS, ABC, and several radio outlets.  There isn't much to say, other than he was really, really good.  Brain cancer.  68.