Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vote '16

Even if you hate Hillary Clinton, there's no excuse for knocking over her father's tombstone at Washburn Street Cemetery in Scranton.

I thought Clinton's Sunday announcement was rather weak and too low key.  I can't say I'm a fan of social media based announcements.  There's no excitement generated, no buzz, no interest, no momentum generated.  Clinton then jumped in an unmarked black van and traveled from New York to Iowa.

There are a few Republicans in the race.  More to follow.  As for the guys currently in, I see people who can capture the nomination by appealing to the "right" of the party.  I have concerns about them being "middle" enough to win in November of next year.

I watched about 45 minutes of CNN's morning show while I was waiting for an oil change yesterday morning.  There was some political reporting.  I wasn't impressed.  Shallow.  Trivial.  It's going to be a long campaign.