Monday, June 22, 2015

I Just Don't Get It

It was THE "talked about" story of the week.

Last week, it was revealed that back on June 9, three people walked into Victoria's Secret, at the Wyoming Valley Mall, in Wilkes-Barre Township, and ran out the door with $ 3200 worth of cheeky style panties.

It should be noted that this same store was hit by two major bra thefts in the past year.

Even though there's a police sub station in the mall, mall security is tough.  There are dozens of ways in and out.  It's easy to blend in with the crowd.  Apparently, lingerie is easy to conceal.

Having said all that, Victoria's Secret really has to take a long and hard look at its store's layouts and displays.  There have been three major thefts here.  It has to be doing something seriously wrong.

So, how do you report things like this?  It fell in to my lap Tuesday morning.  We had the surveillance video.  We had reaction from shoppers.

I played it straight.  There is a little humor here, but the bottom line is this is a crime, and I've seen far too many anchors and reporters get in trouble by ill advised and conceived attempts at humor.