Monday, August 31, 2015

Bad Timing

I hated to do it.

I had to make a trip to one of the big box office supply stores, at the worst time possible, back to school week.

It turns out, a relative's SD camera card was full.  She needed another one, and wasn't sure what to get.  Deleting old photos wasn't an option, so I was in the car Wednesday morning to head to the office supply store on the equivalent of the last minute Christmas rush.

I brought the old card with me, and found one that suits our needs.  I showed the old and new to an employee to make sure they matched.

Even though the store was packed and the staff was overwhelmed, I almost enjoyed the visit.  Parents seemed happy to have a one stop shopping destination.  The kids were thrilled and anxious-- happy with their new treasures.

We didn't have big box office supply stores when I was kid, but we had something close.  Sugerman's.  Miracle Mart, later King's was a close second.  Clothes and shoes came from The Globe.  Later, Jean King.  Notebooks, pens, paper, pencils and the other stuff meant a trip on Route 6 to that amazing and bizarre retail oasis.

By the way, I bought a card with a much larger capacity.  There will be no more trips to the office supply big box store at back to school time.