Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Days Gone By

It was a story dozens of miles from where I grew up, but it really hit home.

The Humane Fire Company in Pottsville held its last block party Friday night.  One of its trustees says the tradition ends after 65 years because the numbers no longer add up.  When you look at the man hours and expenses, versus the money a block party brings in, it's no longer worth it.

I don't blame them.  Yet, it makes me very sad.

Growing up in my little town, there must have been a half dozen picnics every summer, each lasting three or four days.  Fire companies had them.  Churches had them.  There must have been a half dozen within walking distance every summer.

Food and fun.  You got a chance to meet your neighbors.  Maybe we'd have fewer problems if we knew the rest of the people in town.

Like Humane, the people in my town eventually realized the numbers no longer make sense.  There are still a few summer activities, but nothing like those home town picnics.

For a while, my church held what was called a "summer festival collection."  The priest canceled the picnic, and asked us to stuff the money we would have spent at the picnic into an envelope, and put it in the basket on Sunday.  What's the fun in that?

You know, everything old is eventually new again.  I doubt it, but there could be a day when the picnics make a comeback.  If it happens, it will be a long wait.