Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sad Story

Something's bothering me, and maybe sharing it here will be good therapy.

I lost a job 19 years ago this week, but that's not the focus of this tale.  When I had that job in downtown Scranton, I was a frequent visitor to a little mini mart on the first floor of the Hotel Jermyn at Wyoming and Spruce.  I got to know the clerks.  Nice people.  I told one that I had just lost my job and I wouldn't be coming around any more.  She started to cry and said "But who will be nice to me?"  It broke my heart.  I promised to stop by from time to time.

The mini mart eventually closed.  My crying clerk started working in other downtown offices.  I'd bump in to her from time to time.  We'd exchange pleasantries.  Nothing major.  It was great to see a friendly face.

I saw her again the other morning, in tears.  She said her mother had just been diagnosed with cancer, and her cat had passed away.  My heart broke again.  We hugged.  I think it helped me more more than it did her.

Bad things happen to good people.  I wish I could change that.