Thursday, September 24, 2015

Small World

I will never forget an afternoon when I was on the radio, in the early 80's.

A local man was charged with a crime in the state of Washington.  I called State Police in Olympia to get more information.  I identified myself as Andy Palumbo from WARM in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  The officer on the other end said, "Hey, the Mighty 590!"  I nearly dropped the phone.  The officer had relatives in the area, and occasionally vacationed in the Poconos.  I easily got the information I needed.  Being part of a well regarded and community involved radio station was a huge help.

This next item is totally unrelated, but more proof we live in a small world.
My friend, WBAL 1090 reporter Phil Yacuboski came across this in the basement of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Concepcion in Washington.  My alma mater, Marywood College, now Marywood University, has a rather long reach.

Phil has been covering the pope's visit to Washington.  WBAL streams, and I strongly suggest you check it out.  Many of Phil's reports have been picked up by ABC News Radio.  It's not the first time ABC has used his work.  Phil was one of the voices of the Baltimore riots.

It's a kick to see a former co-worker and Luzerne County native doing great.