Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Scrapple

OK, so we have another teachers strike.  There has to be a better way of getting a fair contract for those who educate our kids.

The pope's trip to Washington, New York, and Philadelphia is generally regarded as a success.  Wasn't it nice to see a weekend of positivity?

I'm still not sold on Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show.  But then again, I was never a regular viewer in the first place.

John Boehner likely has a book deal and a network news job in his future.  I'm sure the networks were lining up at his door, minutes after he announced his resignation from the House of Representatives.

Fall is a great time of year.  Unfortunately, it goes from "delightfully chilly" to "bone numbing cold" rather quickly.

Can you trust your car?  General Motors is paying a hefty fine because it knew about its faulty ignition switch problem, and was slow to fix it.  Now, VW is caught lying about emissions.  George Carlin had a great line about how "business ethics" was an oxymoron.

State government is not the most efficient body to begin with.  The Kathleen Kane case has to be a tremendous distraction.  A lot of people are looking for it to be settled, one way or another.

What's up with all the water main breaks lately?

"The Intern" didn't do well at the box office over the weekend.  Why do people still put Anne Hathaway in movies?

A lot of wet weather is on the way.  Yes, let's be careful and keep an eye on it.  Let's not panic.  Social media is already beginning to pop.  Calm down.