Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Scrapple

I'm not a Yankee fan, but I will admit the playoffs are more interesting when they're around.  It's a moot point now, since the Yankees lost their play-in game with Houston Tuesday night.

By the way, is there anything sillier than a one game playoff?  Major League Baseball continues to shoot itself in the foot.

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts has been quoted as saying there will be at least one team in Los Angeles next season.  Nice.  L.A. should have a team.  Unfortunately, it means the fans of Oakland, San Diego, or St. Louis will get hosed.

I love fall.  Unfortunately, it doesn't last long enough and it's followed by winter.

The sinking of the El Faro fascinates me.  Hurricanes don't sneak up on you.  How can something like this happen?

My heart breaks for the people of South Carolina.  Three FEET of rain in some places!  Simply amazing.

More than three months without a new state budget is inexcusable.

I bought some LED floodlights for my outdoor light fixtures.  They should pay for themselves in about 15 years.  Seriously, if it's a choice between a big initial outlay, versus burning less power over the long run...  Well, you know my decision.

I like Egg McMuffins, but I've never had the craving for one after 9 AM.  As I noted before, I'd rather have a burger at 6 AM than eggs at 6 PM.  McDonald's thinks it will turning around slumping sales.  It's a lot to bet on a little sandwich.

Our friends at Burger King now have a Whopper with a black bun.  Color me intrigued.  I'll have to grab one before Halloween.  The bun is black because A-1 steak sauce is baked in.

I'm not taking sides, and I don't have any answers.  However, we keep debating the gun thing without any progress toward a solution.

No one around here carries it, but CBS Radio syndicates a show called "Overnight America."  None of that UFO, conspiracy theory stuff.  Just solid news and intelligent conversation.   KMOX, KDKA, and WBAL are among the stations that stream it.  If you're looking for something smart and entertaining overnight, give it a try.

I don't get:  fantasy football, salted caramel (salt is for french fries), and pumpkin spice anything.