Monday, November 2, 2015


The smell of anticipation is in the air.  Tomorrow is election day.

Off year elections usually have a low turnout.  As I've said a million times by now, these elections are extremely important.  We've voting for the men and women who really have a lot of influence on our lives.  They oversee our courts, our police, our schools, our services, our taxes...

I was working on some election preview stories last week and in to the weekend.  I'm working with a new video editor this year.  We went over some past stories so he gets a feel of what I do and how I do it.  Something jumped out at me.  Yes, there were some new faces here and there.  Generally, it was the tried and true-- candidates and hangers on who have been there for a very long time.  You can draw your own conclusions.

This year's election is likely more "off" than most.  People are already looking past Vote 2015 to next year's presidential and congressional elections.  Sadly, it's "one party rule" in many parts of our area.  If you make it past the primary, you're guaranteed a win in the fall.  Our friends at Wilkes-Barre's Citizens Voice newspaper counted 100 Luzerne County races have NO CANDIDATES!

I hope you've been studying the races where there is competition, looking to make informed decisions tomorrow.

I'll see you at the polls.