Friday, July 22, 2016

Cycling Through

This is part bicycling, part life lessons blog entry.

My usual bike route takes me past the homes of two former teachers.  They were among my favorites.  It's an exceptionally short list.

It's the strange thing about the system.   In high school, you spend 45 minutes with a teacher, once a day, five times a week (maybe), for about eight months a year.  By the time you get to know them, it's time to move on to the next grade, or in the cases of the two I mentioned, graduate.

I think of them often, things they used to say, their way of doing things-- and not just when I pedal by their former homes.  Both passed a long time ago.  I sent notes to the families whey they left us.  Those two touched a lot of lives, in very positive ways.

There was something similar when I was in college.  I really didn't get to know my department head until just before I graduated.  Yes, I had him for a few classes.  There was always a little resentment among the radio and tv people.  This faculty member also oversaw the theater department.  We thought he liked them more.  Anyway, he and I had some meetings before and after I wrote my thesis.  Yes, I liked to write, even back then.  I discovered he was a really cool guy.  Unfortunately, the epiphany came just before cap and gown time.  Too late, and our paths never crossed after I received my diploma.  I've been gainfully employed in the biz for more than 35 years.  Some awards.  Good ratings.  I guess that's my way of saying "thank you."

On a lighter note, I recently whined that my wardrobe didn't include lighter clothing for cycling.  I have the warmer stuff, plus tee shirts and shorts.  Nothing in between.  Thanks to the world wide web, that changed recently.  It was neither hot nor cold during my last bike ride, so I donned a windshirt for my journey.  Yes, warmth without the weight.  Unfortunately, it doesn't breathe all that well.  Overall, more positives than negatives.  I also purchased a light weight nylon jacket.  I'll test that one on a future ride.