Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday Scrapple

Even though I'm on vacation, I'd be okay with a 60 degree rainy day.

I had a Big Mac the other day, the first one in several months.  It wasn't as big as I'd remembered.

It's nice to be a battleground state again.

I know John Hinckley has paid his debt to society.  The experts say he is neither a danger to himself nor others.  Still, I'm not comfortable someone who tried to kill a president is out on the streets.

Unbelievable amount of storm damage Monday afternoon, and a certain city around here can't even sweep the debris off the streets.

Is there anything as sad and as moving as a law enforcement funeral?  Unfortunately, we've seen a lot lately.

My razor/and shaving blog entries kicked off a lot of comments.  It seems most people hate it as much as I do.  Scratchy beards are even worse.  Yet, I grow a scruffy beard on just about every vacation.

My school experiences also generate a lot of interest.  I didn't like school, but I did like to learn (still do).  There's a big difference.

I actually ventured in to a shopping mall yesterday, something I rarely do around back to school time.  It wasn't that bad.

The Democrats and Republicans did a nice job of designing their convention sets and podiums.  However, the DNC basket weave background isn't really working.

I thought I would have to go to the hospital after this morning's moonlight bicycle ride:  skunk inhalation.  It's been an exceptionally strong summer.