Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Scrapple

I thought America's fascination with salted caramel was too much to take, and then Pokemon Go came along.

Journalists have been arrested while covering anti police protests.  Something is wrong here.

It's All Star Game break time, and all people are talking about is NBA players switching team.  Baseball has lost its way.  No one cares until the World Series, and barely then.

Independence Day has come and gone.  Back to school sales are underway.  It's been too hot.  I'm ready for fall.

I'm really looking forward to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

The Viewmont Mall Sears is closed.  I'm sorry I didn't get there to say good bye.  It was a heckuva store at one time.  It's too bad the chain has been mismanaged into irrelevancy.

My 401K and I are happy Wall Street has bounced back after the Brexit vote crash.

The Twitter obituary has been written by many, but it still seems to attract a lot of attention.

LinkedIn still seems to be attracting a lot of FaceBook-like time wasters.

A USA Today column picked Lyndon Johnson as the best vice presidential pick in history.  Spiro Agnew was listed as the worst.  Yes, Agnew was forced to resign, but he was part of two winning tickets, including one that won in a landslide.  Johnson makes sense.  It helped JFK win Texas.

It's Amazon Prime Day, and while I'm a member, I really don't care.

I wonder how many athletes who have pulled out of the Rio olympics are genuinely afraid of zika, it it's just an excuse.