Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where Were You...

...When the Storm Hit?

I was in my bedroom, checking some news sites on my iPad.  The lights flickered.  All power went out for a few seconds, and this was before the storm really roared in to my neighborhood.

It was then a trip downstairs to the kitchen, to make sure all the windows were closed and everything was tied down.  It got dark and windy.  Heavy fain followed.   I could barely see to the end of the property line.

Hail came next.  It was the size of marbles, the largest I've seen in quite a while.  Usually, hail comes and goes rather quickly.  This episode seemed to last for a while.  I was sure there would be home window and car damage.  Much to my surprise, all my property came through the episode unscathed.

I live on a hill, so it drains rather well.  From what I saw on the news, others areas were not as lucky.  Inches of rain in minutes.  It was more than the ground and storm sewers could handle.  There was flooding and a lot of it.  I saw deep water in areas that rarely flood.

My Tuesday morning ride to work showed some of the damage.  The water had receded, but you could see leaves and branches all over the place.  There is a big clean up ahead.

I consider myself lucky.  Others were not as fortunate.  I'll be very happy when the heat wave ends and things are back to normal.