Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The verdict was in, even before the jury came back with a decision last night in Montgomery County.

We heard 14 witnesses last week at Kathleen Kane's perjury and obstruction trial.  We read the newspaper columnists.

Above and beyond the legal acts, the attorney general's professional competence and personal maturity were called in to question.  The court of public opinion was in session, and its sentence is severe.  It might be a lifetime penalty.

It's almost as if the jury's guilty verdict last night was secondary.  We watched a personal and professional life go up in flames.  Kathleen Kane has no one to blame but herself.  Her name was being mentioned as a potential governor and senate candidate.  There were big things ahead.  Not any more.

Even if the verdicts were not guilty on all charges, the damage was done.  The highest ranking law enforcement officer in the state acted unprofessionally.  The jury's verdict added "criminal behavior" to the list.

The attorney general always said the criminal charges against her were retribution for exposing all the dirty e-mails that were floating around state government, including the Supreme Court.  You know, that might be true.  But, Ms. Kane gave her opponents an avenue for their payback.

Kane will be sentenced in 90 days.  Jail time is a possibility.  I can just imagine that talk with her children.  It might be more difficult than the jail time.

It never should have happened.  Kathleen Kane should have known better.