Thursday, August 18, 2016

Unfinished Thursday

Two items are on the agenda today.

The first is now former Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  Her resignation took effect yesterday.  Kane was found guilty of abusing her power Monday night.  She leaked secret grand jury information to damage an opponent.  She lied to cover it up.  Kane disgraced herself and her office.  Sentencing is set for October 24.  She could go to jail.

The red flags started going up early in to Kane's term, long before the "leak" scandal started.  Her press people insisted reporters give Kane questions in advance.  The good reporters refused.  The top law enforcement officer in the state can't handle simple questions?  Voters likely elected someone who wasn't ready for the job.

Yesterday, on her last day in office, Kane told reporters she had "no regrets."  Let's examine the record for a moment, and please don't perceive this is kicking someone when they're down.  Kathleen Kane's personal life has challenges.  Her professional life is shambles.  Her law license is suspended.  It could be taken away permanently.  The once rising star Democrat has been abandoned by people in her own party.  She lost her job.  She could lose her freedom.  I think there's room in there for a regret or two.

Public affairs show host John McLaughlin died Tuesday.  89.  Complications from prostate cancer.  I loved "The McLaughlin Group."  It was the first of the shouting political debate programs.  Even though I detest noise, the heated debate never seemed mean.  At times, it was even humorous.  I became a big fan of Jack Germond of the Baltimore Sun.  He knew precisely how to pierce McLaughlin's pomposity.  Many imitators, but here was no show quite like it before or after, and it leaves a big hole in my life at 11:30 Sunday mornings.