Tuesday, September 6, 2016

As Close As I'm Going to Get

It wasn't a bad story for a Labor Day morning.

Chelsea Clinton is coming to Scranton on Thursday.  She'll be at mom's campaign office on North Washington Avenue in Scranton.

We put together a piece for the morning news on how Pennsylvania, and our area, are big prizes for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Both candidates have been here, and now the surrogates are on the way.  Son Eric Trump visited Clarks Summit last week, and now it's Chelsea's turn.
We chose Courthouse Square in Scranton for the live shot location.  It's near Clinton HQ, and a voter registration drive was scheduled for Labor Day afternoon.    We finished our morning news assignments, and turned our attention to the noon broadcast.

It's been done before, but there's always a way to but a new twist to it-- people laboring on Labor Day.

The first interview was one of the people who works La Festa Italiana security on the overnight shift.  He makes sure nothing gets stolen or vandalized.  After that interview, the square was quiet, so photographer Erich and I walked over to the Marketplace at Steamtown.  This is the first Labor Day the Crunch gym is open for business.  We found some people working out, and a personal trainer who was helping customers get in shape.  It was a different element, and it worked.

Erich and I were walking back to our truck on the square, when we spied a man cleaning out the portable toilets.  It's a job no one wants, but the man we spoke with was happy to have it, and he was also happy La Festa Italiana visitors would have a clean place to take care of business.  The guy was TV gold, and he made our piece.

Even though it was closed when I was there, I enjoyed being on the square during the Italian festival.  I was a regular when I worked in downtown Scranton, but that was a long time ago.  My work and sleep schedule makes visiting now difficult.

I had forgotten how big it is, and how great everything looks and smells.  TV really doesn't do it justice.  La Festa Italiana is one of our area's signature events, and I'm happy it's still going strong after 41 years.