Friday, September 30, 2016

Day of Reckoning

Ever since I changed dentists a few years ago, my guy issued the warning:  I had some very old fillings that were deteriorating and would eventually need replacement.

Yesterday was the day.

Let me back up.  I've only had three dentists in my long life.  The first was the one who put in those filings when I was a lad.  He didn't believe in Novocaine.  Every visit was an experience in terror.  You went to this guy only when you had a big problem because he put you through such misery.  Why go?  Well, he was the small town dentist, within walking distance, and everyone in town went to him.

The experience there was such a turn off that I avoided dentists altogether.  I finally found a really good guy who, after several visits, corrected all the problems of the past.  Competent.  Painless.  Great preventative care.   Unfortunately, we had a falling out over a failure to get me in the chair at the appointed hour.

Dentist number three has a very gentle touch.  He knows I don't mind needles, but I do dislike pain.  A drill and fill session yesterday morning was a piece of cake.  There is one more to go, and I'll return in a couple of weeks.

Having said all that, I'm an old radio guy.  Audio is a big part of what I do in television.  The noise of the drill still gets to me.  I can't stand it.  I've considered headphones.  But, the drill noise would make it in to my head anyway.  Solid substances conduct sound rather well, and tooth, to jawbone, to skull to inner ear is a short path.

It could be a lot worse.