Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Red Hot

A friend told me his wife said the blog needs spicing up.

You know what?  She's right.


I still make my living as a news reporter, and that puts limits on what I can write here.

Many years ago, I used to fill in as host of a radio talk show.  I was OK.  Just OK.  Not great, but I was making progress.  I was solid at interviews.  Generating phone calls needed some work.

Anyway, before my first time in the host's chair, program director Nick Senaca took me aside and said the words I will never forget.  Nick told me "Remember, there's a difference between opinion and analysis."

He's right.

Nick clearly wasn't comfortable with a news reporter going on the air and spouting off opinions.

I've tried to dance around that line here.  It's okay for me to write that I don't like pumpkin spice and reality television.  It's not okay to endorse political candidates.  Opinion, but within boundaries.

This blog can be a lot spicier.  Lord knows, I really have the material.  It would be a "must read" every day.  On the other hand, it would kill my credibility, and I'd be looking for work.

The blog turns 12 in November.  I'm very proud that not one entry, not one sentence, not  one word has ever been called back by management.  There was one mild warning.  It was over a picture of a bikini clad beauty pageant contestant.  It was several years ago, and as I recall, the contestant was fighting with Donald Trump over something.  The boss at the time didn't order the picture's removal, but he did say that I was at my skin limit.  By the way, you could probably see more revealing outfits at the public pool on a summer afternoon.

If you need some spice, it will have to come out of the jar.