Thursday, September 8, 2016

Unfinished Thursday

Thank you for all the nice phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages after the station returned to Dish Network over the weekend.

I haven't used 5 Hour Energy in months, and I recently exhausted my supply of Berocca.  In case you're not familiar with the latter, it's a fizzy tablet that you put in water.  It's leaded with caffeine and vitamins.  I don't miss either product.  My diet soda intake is still rather high, so I'm not totally going without caffeine.  I'm just getting rid of the mega doses, which did very little for me.

Tony Kornheiser gave up his Washington DC radio show a few months ago.  His new podcast made its debut Tuesday.  Even though the podcast is similar to the radio broadcast, it's not live and it loses something.

I can take hot days, as long as it cools off at night, and that's what September is all about.

I got to play with my camera a bit the other day, first time in about a month.  Loved itl  Look for the photos here on weekends.

FOX News Channel dumped Greta Van Susteren this week.  Yes, she had the FNC lean, but it was a solid show.  Brit Hume is the replacement until after the election.

I pass on anything pumpkin or pumpkin spiced.  Enough already.

I was offered a flu shot at the drug store the other day.  I passed.  Too early.  Soon, though.