Sunday, October 23, 2016

Andy's Agnles: Gone

There used to be a Sears here, at the Viewmont Mall.  Sears was in Scranton.  The rest of the mall is in Dickson City.  This is the view from the front.  The remaining mall is off to the left.  It was leveled this week.

Sears closed this store a few months ago.  A couple of sporting goods/outdoors stores are going up in its place.  There will be a third store, yet to be announced.

I was sad, a little.  Sears was the first of the Viewmont stores to open, and back in the day, the mall was cool.
Above is the view from the back.  I vividly remember this is where I was the night LBJ died in 1973.  My mom and I were in the car, waiting for my father to return with a Sears purchase.  When he got back in the car, he said he just saw on a TV in the appliance department that Johnson had passed away.

There are still other Sears stores out there, but for how long?  Most of the experts feel Seers has bungled itself into retail irrelevancy.