Saturday, October 15, 2016

Andy's Angles: I Tried

This is Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth.  It's also, at least temporarily, the middle school.  The former middle school, in Kingston, is closed because of mold.  No one knows when it will it will repoen, if it will ever reopen.

I've tried really hard to like this building.  I really have.  I just cant.

You have to look at the era in which it was built, and it just doesn't stand the test of time.  It reminds me of an airport or a factory.  It doesn't fit in with the rest of Plymouth.  Yes, the modern look of decades ago does make a statement
Contemporary schools also have their issues.  Brick boxes.  Fortresses.  These days, school design is about security AND education.

The bottom line is...  the important thing is what happens inside, not outside.