Tuesday, October 25, 2016


When there is no real election news on any given day, the networks usually trot out a poll to make a little news of their own, generate a little heat.

For a blog entry last week, I pondered the presidential elections I've covered, albeit from a distance.

I decided to expand that to presidential elections during my lifetime for this blog entry.

Most have been like Super Bowls:  noncompetitive.

Let's examine the evidence.

1960:  Kennedy vs Nixon.  This one was a nail biter.

1964:  Johnson over Goldwater in a walk.

1968:  Nixon barely defeats Humphrey.

1972:  Nixon glides over McGovern.

1976:  Carter defeats Ford in a squeaker.

1980:  Reagan romps over Carter.  The networks called this one at 8:15 PM.

1984:  Another Reagan romp.  The victim this time is Walter Mondale.

1988:  Bush gets 426 electoral votes to Dukakis' 111.

1992:  Bill Clinton won 100 more electoral votes than needed.  George Bush fails to win reelection.

1996:  Clinton over Bob Dole.  It wasn't close.

2000:  One of the few exceptions.  Bush wins just five more electoral votes than Al Gore.

2004:  Bush won the vast majority of States, but John Kerry had the big ones.  This was another close one.

2008:  Barack Obama had a fairly easy time defeating John McCain.

2012:  Obama and Mitt Romney had roughly the same number of states, but once again, the Democrat had the big ones.  Obama wins again.

2016:  According to most polls, this one is breaking Hillary Clinton's way, but this has been an exceptionally unusual year.  You never know.  Two weeks until election day.