Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unfinished Thursday

I worked out of our Wyoming Valley Newsroom the other morning, a rare occurrence.

While I was in downtown Wilkes-Barre, I ran in to new Commonwealth Court Judge Joseph Cosgrove.  He was moving into some new downtown office space.  I stopped by to say hello.  We go back a long way-- early 80's.  He was a defense attorney on some big cases.  I was a radio reporter.  I joked that I now know where to go for injunctive relief.

During a spare moment, I stuck my head in to the Wilkes-Barre Boscov's.  It was my first visit since renovations.  It's amazing the difference new lighting, paint, tile and carpeting make.  I couldn't stay long.  Downtown department stores remind me of the glory days of downtown Scranton, and it's nice there is still one out there in our area.

During a story in Plymouth, I met Kevin Jordan's sister while she was walking her dog.  Kevin is the former WILK, WARM, WBRE, and WYOU reporter who passed away two years ago.  Kevin would have turned 60 last week.  He taught me a lot.

This is the time of year when I feel that every moonlight bike ride will be my last.  50 degrees is my cut off point, and it's been close to that on many recent nights.  I'm usually finished by Halloween, but last year, I rode until the week before Christmas.  I hope for two years in a row.  Riding through small towns and looking at Christmas lights on a balmy December morning was fantastic.

By the way, I started this morning's bike ride when it was 50 degrees,  When I finished, it was 48.  Fall is rapidly disappearing.

Why people are abandoning traditional radio:  a massive hurricane is bearing down on Florida.  I tuned in Miami's all news radio station this morning.  Some guy was talking about UFO's.