Monday, October 10, 2016

Why Is It Always About Food?

The power of suggestion is an amazing thing.  After all, the entire multi trillion dollar advertising industry is built upon it.

The news business, and just everyday life also play their roles.

As has been noted here, I had a couple of fillings replaced recently.  I wasn't hungry until, as I was getting out of the chair, the dentist said "Please don't eat anything for a good hour."  It was an instant food craving.

Speaking of cravings, I was at the gym the other morning, watching ABC's overnight broadcast, World News Now.  They did a piece with the theme "you know a hurricane is bad if Waffle Houses close."  Suddenly, as I was on the elliptical, I desired a Waffle House Fiesta omlette.

Clay LePard did a story for Newswatch 16 Saturday night about an 84 year old pasta maker.  I don't have to tell you what happened next.  As Clay showed a huge table of drying pasta, the craving kicked in.  I was so envious of those marathon runners doing their pre race carbo loading.

There is another instance of the power of suggestion, and it happens when I'm on the weekend morning anchor desk.  Our broadcast is very popular with furniture stores.  We move a lot of mattresses, and when I see one on a commercial, I have an overwhelming desire to crawl in to bed as soon as I get home.

Let's see if I can work some magic.  I strongly suggest you keep reading and watching.

Thanks in advance.