Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

If I have a "least favorite" day, this is it.  Black Friday.  It's a day dedicated to crowds and excess.

Having laid that foundation, I do realize money is tight.  Standing in line and fighting crowds could be the only avenue to affording items on the gift lists of friends and family.

There were some positive signs this year.  Several stores decided to stay closed on Thanksgiving.  I like that.  You can do without the mall for a day.  There were a few smaller stories, drug stores and mini marts around for last minute emergencies.

It also gives retail workers a little time off.  Underpaid.  Overworked.  However, you do have to understand that when you take a job in retail, working holidays is part of the package.

Be careful, and be patient if you'll be out today.  I plan on sticking close to home.

See you tomorrow.