Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Scrapple

The Pokemon Go craze seems to have flamed out rather quickly.  It needs to take pumpkin spice and salted caramel along with it.

Back when "Newhart" was on the air, I didn't find the Larry, Daryl and Daryl thing rather funny and it was overused.  Watching the shows again on WNEP2, I think it's a scream.

I did a little mall wandering a couple of weeks ago on a day when it was close to 70 degrees.  Christmas carols were playing in the department stores.  It all seemed rather silly.  Christmas comes after Thanksgiving.

I used to be sad when the last out of the World Series was recorded.  Now, I yawn.  I understand this year's contest was spectacular.  I watched about two innings during the seven games.

November can be a long, dark, grey month.  At least we have Election Day to spice up the beginning and Thanksgiving to occupy us toward the end.  January still needs improvement.

It seems like everyone I know has a cold, and I've been feeling lousy myself.

There is no longer a need for this country to switch from Daylight Saving time to Standard Time.

I admire Kate Upton's chutzpah.

Bernie Sanders is running around and making a lot of demands.  Does he realize his side lost?

Above normal temperatures in July and August = bad.  Above normal temperatures in December and January = good.

Tony Kornheiser's daily podcast is a good listen.  I still miss the "live" element.

Major kudos to Bon Jovi for a big donation to save Ben Franklin's grave stone.

Stephen Hawking says humans have 1,000 years left on earth.  I'll be sure to avoid buying the extended warranty on my next TV.

I hope you voted.