Monday, December 19, 2016

Courthouse Lawn and a Rant

This is a very early morning scene of some of the decorations on the Lackawanna County Courthouse lawn.  This is the North Washington Avenue side, and that's the federal courthouse across the street.

Kudos for keeping them lit all night.  I wish the same was done with the Globe building a block away.  If you grew up in a bright and colorful downtown Scranton at Christmas, it's sad to see it so dark now.

White/clear lights has been the bulb of choice here for the last several years.  it's nice, but I'm old school.  Go multi color.  It adds warmth.

I usually go "photo heavy" toward the end of the year because things traditionally slow down in the news business at about this time.  We have a phrase at the office:  "Holiday Mode."  It reminds me of another mode the great Craig Ferguson often used on the CBS "Late Late Show."  Anyway, this doesn't appear to be a big Holiday Mode year.  There is a lot going on

Speaking of the "Late Late Show," do yourself a favor and check out James Corden's Christmas karaoke with Mariah Carey.  The editor deserves an Emmy.  Having said that, no one did a pre Christmas show like David Letterman.

I've been going through the archives.  This will be the 8th year for the "Top Ten" photo blog entries.  I know.  It seemed longer.  The countdown starts later this week.

It's now official.  The Electoral College has voted.  Donald Trump wins.  He is now officially the president-elect.  I'm a stickler for a lot of things.  This has nothing to do with politics or preference.  I never call someone a president-elect until after the Electoral College votes.  I've been writing stories that way since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Stay warm.  We'll talk later.