Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Scrapple, Sports, and Broadcasting

Hosting the Academy Awards has to be the toughest job in all of show business.  Jimmy Kimmel will do a good job.

The Indiana Carrier deal is far from perfect, but I learned a long time ago that a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.

I actually heard a network news anchor talk about Carrier jobs moving "overseas" to Mexico.  Really?  What sea?

I'm not a Penn State fan, but the Nittany Lions did win the Big 10 Conference, and they did beat Ohio State.  A case can be made for putting Penn State in the four team playoff.

Why to some at Penn State feel the need to destroy things?

Post Its and Sharpies have made my life manageable.

Verne Lundquist is calling his last college football game tomorrow, Army/Navy.  Verne got it.  He never made himself bigger than the game.  Great voice.  Great delivery.  He will be missed.

By the way, it's always a treat to catch a Keith Jackson announced game on ESPN Classic.

Brent Musberger calls the January 2 Sugar Bowl on ESPN.  I don't watch much TV sports these days, but it's really nice to see one of the greats get a top assignment.

The CBS Evening News is now sharing a studio with the network's morning broadcast.  I like it.  Light, airy, brick, wood.  Yes, there is some plexiglass, but it's not as overwhelming as the other networks-- broadcast and cable.

I grew up in a Cronkite household, so I've always kept an eye, pardon the pun, on what CBS is doing.  The New York Post reported CBS is looking to move Scott Pelley off the Evening News.  Yes, he's slow placed, but solid.  Good content.  The Post says CBS wants someone with a faster pace.

Time magazine chose Donald Trump as its Person of the Year.  Was there any other choice?  It took editors about three seconds to decide on that one.

John Glenn:   American hero.  When he orbited the earth, there was no guarantee he was coming back.  That's brave.