Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Scrapple

I mean no disrespect to the late Florence Henderson, but I really hated "The Brady Bunch."  When I come across it now, my hand can't grab the remote fast enough.  Apology for being unAmerican.

I went in to exactly one store Black Friday.  It was a 3:15 AM mini mart visit, and I even scored a free 12 ounce soda.

Thanksgiving morning is usually devoted to a photographic expedition, but I was rained out.  I did snap off a few shots on the way home from the gym, before the rain started.  You might seem them here in the days to come.

It might be winter, but I still love my peach iced tea.

CNN reran the 60's and 70's documentaries over the holiday weekend.  Outstanding stuff!

My dollar store "lighthouse" calendar is almost finished.  It will soon to be replaced by a dollar store "cat and kitten" calendar.

I'm waist deep in catalogs.

I'm not a Thanksgiving parade aficionado, and they look the same to me every year.

One of the happier things you can receive in the mail:  the notice that you've made your last car payment.

Grant Tinker died the other day.  90.  Take a look at the shows his company produced.  It's an amazing list.  Comedy.  Drama.  All quality stuff.

I caught some of the Steelers game replay on the NFL Network.  Who thought the Steelers were a Super Bowl contender?  No discipline.  No defense.  At this point, it looks like New England and Dallas in Houston February 5.  Watch the Raiders.  Maybe Seahawks.  Dark horses.

Ron Glass, who played Sgt. Ron Harris on Barney Miller died over the weekend.  71.  A great character on a great show.