Sunday, January 15, 2017

Andy's Angles: The View

This was the view through my windshield when I got in my car Wednesday morning.  This was more than a layer of frost.  It was ice, and a heavy coating at that.

There was an ice storm in my neighborhood Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  I heard the sleet and ice pellets pinging off my window, so I suspected my early morning gym visit would be cancelled.  A peek out the window, and a look at my car confirmed that.  The car was covered in ice, and the road was a shiny and slick skating rink.

I did stay up all night long, listening to the police radio, getting information on the internet.  It was an interesting time, and one of those mixed feeling events.  It was a relief to avoid traveling on icy roads, but I did miss on a big story-- that major crash on Interstate 81 in the Clarks Summit area.

This is what I found when I ventured out after the sun came up.  I tried a scrape.  It didn't work.  The ice was too heavy.  I turned on the car and let the defroster work from the inside.  It did the trick after just a few minutes.  It loosened up the ice, and it came off in big sheets.