Thursday, January 12, 2017

Drive By

I'm not what you would call a "car guy."  I don't have to own the newest, biggest, and best.  I just want something simple and dependable, and something that's decent in the snow.  I don't get snow days.

Now that another foundation has been established, let's get going.  Like yesterday's entertainment rant, I do keep an eye on automotive news.  Part of my job is knowing a little bit about a lot of different things.

Toyota is concerned that its Camry will lose the coveted title as the most popular car in America, so it's going through a redesign for next year.  Lower, longer, rounder.  It really looks good.  The current Camry has been compared, by some,  to a kitchen appliance.

I owned a Camry many years ago.  I picked up during a zero apr promotion.  I loved it.  Big, but not too big.  Roomy.  Comfortable.  A little power.  Some nice toys inside.  Unfortunately, I thought it was too low and it wasn't great in the snow.  If I lived in a snow-less climate, or at least one where the snow doesn't get deep, I would have no problems with getting another one.

My current vehicle is a small SUV, and so was the one before that.  It was the first time in my life that I've owned the same thing twice.  It's not what you would call fun or sexy, but it makes a lot of sense for me.  It's good on gas and great in the snow.  There's enough room for my bike in the back.  It handles nicely.

There are three packages of this particular SUV.  My first was the basic.  I missed little creature comforts like a storage area between the seats, a thermometer and a sun roof.  When I bought my second one, I opted for the middle package.  There are still a few options I'd like.  I found the top tier package just didn't make sense and offered things I'd never use, so the middle package was a good compromise.

I have mixed feelings on technology and options.  On one hand, it's nice to be pampered.  On the other, it's just more stuff that could go wrong.  I've been lucky.  There has never been an issue.  Plus, I'm a regular at the dealer.  I have confidence in its service.

I read where Ford is bringing the Bronco back.  It looks to be the smaller 70's version rather than the big OJ model we saw in the 80's.  A friend had one back in high school, and it was a great little truck.

It's nice to have choices.  Drive carefully.