Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Holiday Farewell

I cannot remember a Christmas season where I did less.

Except for one pet store blitz, all of my shopping was done on-line.

I didn't attend any holiday events.

My home and car radios steered clear of any Christmas music.

I just couldn't get "in" to Christmas this year, and I admit that I didn't try all that hard.

Yes, I did work 10.5 hours Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I'm not complaining.  When you take a job in news, you know working Christmas is part of the package.  It's like playing football and being surprised people are trying to take your head off.

I also worked an extra shift the week after Christmas.  It was a good deed.  Two people wanted the same day off, and me taking the extra shift keeps both happy.  I admit there was something in it for me.  I'll get an extra day off this month.  it makes a cold and dark month go by a little faster.

Will it be different this year?    I doubt it.  This seems to be the new normal.

Like Christmas, the new year came in a weekend, and I worked that one too.  Again, no complaints.  It's part of the package.

I did enjoy seeing the optimism of younger friends and co-workers.  I miss that.  These days, I'm just thrilled to maintain what I have.

As I walked around the other day, I noticed Christmas decorations go up earlier than ever, and they come down earlier than ever.  I'm okay with the second part of that, not the first.  If something isn't around long, it makes it a little more special, sort of like the McRib.