Monday, January 9, 2017

Media Monday

ABC's "World News Now" celebrated its 25th anniversary last week.  While the broadcast gets a bit too goofy at times, it is rather nimble in switching gears to breaking news.  In these days of cost cutting, I'm glad it's still around, and it makes overnight gym visits go by a bit faster.  I still think the original anchor team of Aaron Brown and Lisa McRee was the best.  The same goes for the original theme.

It's been clips-a-plenty on World News Now this week.  Has there ever been a better newscast set than that big Peter Jennings newsroom of the 80's and early 90's?  When you saw that room, the desks, the people, the huge logo...  you got the distinct and unmistakable feeling that you were watching 'THE NEWS. "

Brent Musberger got in a bit of hot water during the New Year's night broadcast of the Sugar Bowl on ESPN.  He hoped Joe Mixon gets a solid second chance, and has a great NFL career.  Mixon is the college player who smacked a woman in the face so hard, he broke bones.  This is a tough one.  We are a forgiving society, but Mixon committed a horrible act, and it was caught on video.  I will always be a huge Musberger fan.  It wasn't really what he said, but how he said it, and there was no mention of the victim.  Musberger will be 78 in May.  I'd hate to see him go out this way.

Megyn Kelly has left FOX for NBC.  It looks like she'll get the third hour of the "Today" show plus a Sunday night broadcast and be featured on big events.  This could work.  Handing her an established show is easier than creating a new one.  Ask Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira.  By the way, I think FOX News will be just fine.

Tony Kornheiser, Maury Povich and others have purchased a Washington DC restaurant.  Kornheiser wants to add a podcast/radio studio to the building. 

Former FOX personality Greta Van Susteren is headed to MSNBC.  Good move.  MSNBC needs more moderate voices and established personalities.

Once again, CNN embarrassed itself on New Year's Eve.  One anchor drank during the broadcast had had his ear pierced.  Why?

I got in to the business because I was influenced by giants like Cronkite, Rather, Reasoner, Brinkley...  Will we ever hear someone say "I was influenced by (insert some of the geniuses working today)?

Sundance is running old Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes.  Has a sitcom ever had a stronger cast of supporting characters?

Chris Berman will be doing fewer events for ESPN.  I respect his longevity, but the act was very, very, very tired.

I was working while the Mariah Carey debacle unfolded on live TV.  I was watching out of the corner of my eye, so I didn't appreciate the scope of the mess until web sites were being updated.  It seems like there's enough blame to go around.  Carey should have rehearsed.  Technical people should have been better prepared.