Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mistaken Identity

I felt awful...

I went to one of the big box stores the other day, and I made my way to the cash register with only three items in hand.  This particular store recently installed self check out lanes.  I generally avoid those things.  They never work right and it's more frustration than standing in line for a few extra minutes.

Throwing caution to the wind, I headed for one of the self service lanes.  As I said, I only had three items-- razor blades, toothpaste, and lip balm.

This store is like every other that has self check out.  There is one employee looking over four or six machines-- making sure you don't have any problems, and really making sure you don't run out the door without paying.

The overseer saw me, smiled, and said hello,  I returned the pleasantry, and I immediately realized I knew this kid from somewhere.  He looked a little like a co-worker's husband, but I know where he works and this isn't it.

I scanned my stuff, bagged the items, jammed my chip equipped credit card (you get a 5 % discount), and headed for the door, still wondering where I saw this kid before.  I thought about it on the sidewalk and in to the parking lot.  As I took my seat in my car, it came to me:  He was the overnight desk guy at my gym for several months.  Really nice kid-- kept the gym clean.  I'd see him studying for college courses while working the all-nighter.  He attended my alma mater.  I will remember him most for his string of girlfriends, who frequently stopped by the gym.  Each was prettier than the last.

I can be rather aloof, and I'm not the most outgoing person.  Of course, I leave that at the door when I'm working.  My life is rather compartmentalized.  Inquisitive at work.  Shy and quiet when I'm off duty, and I hope people don't mistake that for ego and arrogance.

My intent is to get back to the big box store in the days to come and apologize to the kid for not instantly recognizing him.

I'm sorry.