Monday, January 23, 2017


Don't ask me how you would do it, but Tony Kornheiser had a great idea on his podcast a couple of weeks ago.

He felt the college football national championship game doesn't get the attention it deserves because it's on a Monday night AFTER the NFL playoffs have begun. 

Kornheiser is right.

Now, the nuts and bolts.  The NFL and college football seasons would have to restructured to accommodate this, and that's easier said than done.  You could shorten the college season and begin it a week earlier, but you can't move the New Year's Day bowls, which are part of the college playoff system.

So, does the NFL season begin a week earlier?  The NFL is a the big dog in this country, and it calls the shots.  I can't see the NFL changing.


There has been talk of adding two games to the NFL season, and reducing the number of pre-season games.  Say, you begin the season a week earlier and end it one week later to accommodate the additional games.  There is also talk of a second "off" week during the season for NFL teams.  It pushes the Super Bowl in to mid February, and clears out a weekend in early January.  Give the NFL its usual Sunday.  Play the college football championship on a Saturday night, while the NFL is still in its regular season.

It could work, but it will likely never happen.

And, a note about the San Diego Chargers moving to Los Angeles...

A little background...  San Diego needs a new stadium.  Voters rejected tax increases.  The billionaire team owner and the league volunteered to cough up some money, but not enough to keep taxpayers happy.

Having an NFL team puts you on the map as a "major league" city.  It helps your image and gives people work.  Because of the climate, a new stadium would guarantee San Diego gets a Super Bowl every five or six years.

On the other hand, a government should provide public safety, educate the kids, fill the potholes (if there are any in San Diego) and pick up the trash.  Handouts to billionaires isn't on the list.

I was two for two on championship game picks yesterday, although I thought Green Bay would put up a better fight.  I'm still not jumping on the Atlanta bandwagon.  I still might do it, but it's too early.  I've got two weeks to break this one down.