Saturday, February 18, 2017

Classic Andy's Angles: Grease

I haven't had a lot of time to take pictures recently, so it's a couple from the archives this weekend-- and the stories to go along with them.

This photo was taken in December of 2013.  It was a snowy morning.  I was on road report duty.  Our location that morning was in the back parking lot of a chain restaurant outside the Columbia Mall in Hemlock Township.  We chose that location because it offered a great view of Interstate 80 below.  We could show the interstate, and be safely out of the way.

The location came with a bonus.  The restaurant had a grease dumpster out back, and a bicycle, chain locked to a light pole.  When you're on road duty, there are a finite number of things you can say about snow.  So you start looking for what I call "color."  I described the scene, including the grease dumpster.  Eventually, someone who said he spoke for restaurant management came by to say we were no longer welcome at that location.  I guess he wanted the fact the restaurant served greasy food to be a surprise.  I know a lot of places have these, and I never mentioned the name of the restaurant on the air.

We have been blessed with a couple of mild winters recently, so I haven't broadcast from that location in years.  I'm assuming the grease dumpster is still there because the restaurant is still in business.  I'm not sure about the bike.