Thursday, February 23, 2017


President Trump is currently at war with the news media, and it's really become rather fierce.

Yes, there are members of the media with agendas, and some have made no secret that they intend to try to take Mr. Trump down.

Can we do our jobs better?  Of course.  Absolutely.  But, that was true long before January 20, 2017.  I think it goes back to Gutenberg inventing the printing press in 1440 and Marconi inventing radio in 1901.

Are we enemies of the people?  Well, the public owns the airwaves.  If you use the public's airwaves to spread lies, I guess you are an enemy of the people.  Who decides what's a lie?  That doesn't cover the print media and internet.

If there's one thing I hate on this planet, it's sanctimony.  Some "journalists" feel they're above reproach.  Bunk!

Here is one of the issues I see, and it deals mostly with the cable networks.  Daytime programming used to be straight and unbiased news.  Night time was reserved for opinion oriented talk shows.  Now, the lines have been blurred.  Opinion is creeping in to the news reporting, and not just from the guests.  Anchors are getting in to the act, and that's wrong.  Liberals get insulted on FOX.  Conservatives get the same treatment on CNN and MSNBC.

Report the news fairly.  The words and Tweets of the president, and anyone else, live or die, pass or fail, work or crash, on their own merit.  I refuse to believe viewers and readers are stupid.

It's not easy to keep your mouth shut when you're attacked.  Thanks to the internet, the words fly at the speed of light.  Once you hit "send," they're not coming back.  There's not much time for thought and reflection.  Change that.  Pump the brakes.  Think for a while.

I'm a big fan of watching old newscasts on YouTube.  You can see Walter Cronkite, Howard K. Smith, and David Brinkley getting irritated at President Nixon during Watergate, and even before.  Agitated anchors and reporters is nothing new.  But, the technology has changed.  We had all better be more careful.  That includes the newsmakers as well as the journalists.