Thursday, February 9, 2017

Media Notes

Agreement or disagreement is irrelevant, but I'm really tired of Hollywood celebrities telling me what to think.  Ashton Kutcher can lecture me after he makes a decent movie.  I think I'll have a long wait.

Johnny Carson joked about politicians because it was funny.  Today's late night comics do it because they are pursuing their agenda.

CNN actually devoted a long segment the other night to Howard Stern's comments on President Trump.  Some producer has to be asking himself or herself is this was an effective use of air time.  I fear that producer thinks it was a genius move.  Really?

I actually physically pick up the print version of a few newspapers a day.  It seems they've gotten much thinner in recent weeks.  It can't be for lack of news.  And, that certain newspaper still has problems getting its stuff out on the streets on a timely basis.  One day, I will name names.

Why can't NBC make a graceful talent transition?  The network botched Carson/Leno/Letterman, followed by Leno/O'Brien/Leno and Curry/Guthrie on the Today show.  It looks like another debacle is in the making with the arrival of Megyn Kelly and the departure of Tamron Hall.

I heard Michael Vick on FOX Sports Radio Friday night.  I couldn't change the station fast enough.

The new administration has opened up a Skype seat for presidential press secretary daily briefings and news conferences.  Interesting.  It's another effort to take the information flow away from the Washington press corps and give it to "America."

CBS Radio and Entercom are merging.  CBS Radio News is still part of CBS News and is not part of the deal.  I hope Entercom carries on the tradition of quality at its all news stations.

I heard a national radio network anchor totally butcher a top of the hour newscast a couple of weeks ago.  This guy is always solid as a rock.  It happens to the best of us.

The winter olympics are less than one year away, and NBC's hype is already in high gear.

TBS is said to be considering changes to Conan O'Brien's talk show.  it's possible the show could go weekly, from four times a week.  i never thought I'd say it, but O'Brien has matured considerably and it's among the better late night offerings.  The guy can be funny.  he's gotten away from trying to top his guests and the monologue is solid.

I still don't understand the people who don't like Joe Buck.  I caught the replay of the fourth quarter and the overtime of the Super Bowl on an NFL Network replay.  Buck was outstanding.   Troy Aikman doesn't bring a lot to the table, but he's not bad.