Thursday, February 2, 2017


With the Super Bowl coming up Sunday night, it seems to be an appropriate time to bring this up:  NFL football TV ratings slipped a bit this season.

Is this hard to figure out?  Absolutely not.

There are more entertainment choices than ever before.  Some big NFL stars, like Peyton Manning, have exited the stage, and their replacements have yet to flower.  There is potential for big new stars of tomorrow, like the kids on the Dallas Cowboys.

The games are too long, with too many commercials and time outs.  The NFL seems to be attempting to address that problem.  I wish the NBA would do the same thing.  The final minutes of a basketball game take an eternity to play.  It's maddening, and it's a big tune out factor.  The hard core fans stay.  Everyone else goes.

As for the NFL broadcasts themselves...  the pre game shows have become yuk fests with very little useful information.  Funny first.  News second.  The pre game shows used to be must see TV.  Now, you can get everything you need to know through a ten minute internet visit.

Once you get in to the game themselves, they look great.  They could cut back on the graphics, and outside of the top two announcing teams on the networks that broadcast several games on a Sunday afternoon, the talent is weak.

And, America can live without Thursday Night Football.  The market is over saturated.

So, networks and the NFL, there is your solution.  Get to work.  No charge.