Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Scrapple

West 192  East 182.  Is there a bigger joke than the NBA All Star Game?  The NHL and NFL all star games also feature a lack of defense.  It seems the last competitive contest is in Major League Baseball.

Parts of upstate New York have a lot of snow.  I expected higher river levels around here because of the record heat and snow melt.  Yes, the rivers are coming up, but nowhere near the danger level.

I really didn't like Arnie Spanier when he worked elsewhere.  However, his Sunday night/Monday morning FOX Sports Radio show is a fin and interesting listen.

I've had an American Express card for decades, but it's one of their free ones.  For the life of me, I can't figure out why people pay $95 for the basic and $195 for the gold card.  Yes, I had a gold card for a long time, but the annual fee got too high, so I dumped it.  Status isn't worth it.

I can't get interested in the Academy Awards.  You know it will be three hours of anti Trump speeches.  Can't we give it a rest for one night and celebrate the art of motion pictures?

The smell of brush fire smoke is the smell of spring time to me.  Skunks, too.

It's been years since it's been redesigned and I still can't warm up to USA Today on-line.

There's a web site called www.newscaststudio.com.  It's dedicated to TV set design, and I'm addicted.

Speaking of addictions, the Times-Leader prints health department restaurant inspections from time to time.  It's fascinating and frightening reading.  Thank heaven for a healthy immune system.

UPDATE:  Washington sports talk radio legend Andy Pollin has signed on with WJFK.  He recently lost his job at WTEM after 25 years.  Pollin recently guested on Tony Kornheiser's podcast-- funny and smart at the same time, and that's a rare combination.

America's Test Kitchen without Chris Kimball isn't nearly as entertaining.

Motorcycle season is kicking off.  Freedom is great, but it still troubles me to see people ride without helmets.

The very first Kmart, in Michigan, is closing.  That's sad.  Yahoo! seems obsessed with the Sears/Kmart problems.  There are at least two stories every day.

Facebook likes and Twitter followers are slowly and steadily increasing.  Thank you.