Sunday, March 12, 2017

Andy's Angles: More Montage

This is another shot from my post storm tour of Montage mountain in Scranton.

Let me explain what you're looking at.  The February 25th storm brought down a lot of trees.  They are to the front of the excavator, off to the left and the right.

The excavator is here, getting rid of snow and ice, so big trucks can come in, unload stone, and build a road to the damaged areas.  Then the trees tipped, the root balls came up and ripped out the water lines that supply the snow guns.  A road needs to be built to keep the trucks from getting stuck.

The visit was simply fascinating.  I hadn't been to Montage in years.  I'm not a concert guy.  I don't ski.  Water parks don't interest me, and other than a hot tub, I'm not interested in sharing water.

Thanks to the staff for their hospitality and professionalism during a difficult time.