Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First Person: CLU Club

It was one of those mornings when I barely had a chance to sit down.  Just about as soon as I walked in, producer Kim said CLU Club in East Stroudsburg was on fire.  Photographer Jason was already there, and I should meet him at the scene to report live for Newswatch 16 This Morning.

I threw my gear in one of the station's SUV's and headed south.

When I got there, the building was still smoking.  Photographer Jason already had done some interviews on his own and had all the information I needed.  I walked around a bit to pick up a few tidbits.  Before you knew it, it was air time.
We had a great parking space, and thanks to some new equipment that allows live broadcasts through a box smaller than a carton of cigarettes, we were right on top of the CLU Club, without getting in anyone's way.

By the way, CLU Club is a membership organization started by the unions.  It's now open to everyone, and there's an adjacent social hall for rent.  It was destroyed as well.

After the morning news and Good Morning America, photographer Jason was replaced with photographer Erich.  Er got another interview, more video, and more facts.  We then headed back to the station to put together a story for our noon broadcast.
It was a sad story.  People passing by shared their memories of the place.  Hanging with friends, wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduation parties...

It appears the building is a total loss.  The fate of CLU Club is uncertain.

AS I write this, there is a blizzard warning in effect.  Please, be careful.  Stay home if you can.  Look for updates here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.