Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It Made Me Cry

This information is from the RadioInsight.com newsletter.

Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island has a radio station.  The radio board of directors has asked the university to explore a sale.  A vote comes up March 11.

The station manager released the statement you see below.

“We’ve arrived at this point only after exploring a wide range of financial options, yet the challenges we face are more than just financial. We’re also faced with the reality that broadcast radio may not be the most engaging content distribution technology for the student workshop in the 21st century.”

Even people in the radio business are beginning to say traditional broadcast radio is becoming irrelevant.

I will admit that the technology can use some work.  AM is filled with noise and interference.  FM  always had its terrain related challenges.  It's hard to beat the consistency of the internet and satellite.  People have the ability to create their own radio stations on their smart phones.

However, I still believe that good radio, regardless of the band, will still draw listeners.  Terrestrial radio is suffering from some self inflicted wounds.  I've whined about it here before.  To make a long story sad, there's not enough local content, not enough community involvement, no fun...

To the people at Brown:  radio isn't just playing music.  it's talking, adlibbing, entertaining, humor, information, thinking on your feet, timing...  Those are skills your students should have.

I hope Brown University doesn't give up, and I hope you don't, either.