Monday, March 6, 2017

Making Change

I have to admit, it was a first.

A new line of dollar coins was introduced in 2000, and I was actually given one as change the other morning.

A photographer and I were wrapping up an assignment in downtown Wilkes-Barre.  We stopped at a Turkey Hill, the news one-- the Taj Mahal of Turkey Hills, to gas up. Photographer Jason worked the pump and I went inside to visit the porcelain conveniences.  I grabbed a couple of bagel sandwiches and walked to the cash register.  I paid with a $ 10 bill.  The clerk opened the register and realized she was short on $ 1 bills.  She gave me what she had and supplemented with one of those golden dollar coins.  She apologized.  I didn't care.  Paper and metal are worth the same.  I didn't examine it, and dropped it in my pocket.

After 17 years in circulation, it was the first time I had received one in change.  Not a big deal, but odd.

Like most Americans, I prefer the dollar bill over the dollar coin.  I was in another Turkey Hill, in another county, getting an early morning cold drink after a gym visit.  I made sure that dollar coin was the first thing out of my pocket and in to the clerk's hand.

Farewell, dollar coin.